60 Second Makeover: Pillow Talk

I like to think of myself as a bit of a crafty cat. I spent last night wielding a glue gun about the place, and even as we speak I have an item of decoupage currently drying in my kitchen *cue smug-face*. But not all makeover projects require a degree in art and design, or the ability to correctly identify specialist upholstery tools from ancient instruments of torture. Sometimes there is no greater joy in life than simply cobbling something together using an old scrap of fabric and a blob of double-sided tape, then mere moments later standing back to admire your simple yet stunning transformation.

My first case in point being the bed in my new rented flat, pictured above. There’s nothing wrong with it, per se. In fact, given some of the horrors I witnessed in previous viewings (*shudder*) I’d even go so far as to say it’s quite nice. But not so nice for leaning back against and catching up with a little bedtime reading. However, as replacement or ‘proper’ customisation (i.e. anything done permanently) is sooooo out of the question I decided to re-use the foam I salvaged from my previous headboard to soften up this little baby.

By folding the pad in half and trapping the ‘top’ half between the wall and back of the headboard, I then laid this gorgeous paisley vintage throw over it, tucking the ends of it into the mattress to hold the whole thing in place.

And it seems to have worked rather well! I also used two spare cream pillowcases to cover the wooden ends of the headboard, which were still on show and looked a little odd. Nothing is stuck and the whole lot can be whipped off at a moments notice if required.

Oh, still here? After some more headboard action? Well, OK then – here’s a pic of the foam from my headboard in its previous incarnation, stuck to a giant (inherited) wooden headboard in my former rental flat. I wrote a post about this on my old blog, Craft Hacker, too if you’re super keen – right, off for a coffee, all this pillow talk is making me sleepy…

{image credits: all me}



About Joanna Thornhill

Freelance Interior Stylist, Author, Writer and Crafter working for a range of magazine titles and commercial clients. Author of Home for Now (CICO Books 2014)

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