Fifties Friday

It’s a grey day in Blighty today – both for the weather and for parliament, with no one quite sure who or how to run the country. It’s enough to make a girl want to hark back to simpler times – and what cheerier, more comforting sight could there be than this ‘Decorating with 50’s Florals’ shoot I assisted on last year for Homes & Gardens magazine? Stylist Rose Hammick created this vintage-tastic utopia where the sun always shines, twitter was simply gentle birdsong to awaken you from the sandman, and Brown, Cameron et al were little more than a glint in their Mothers’ eyes.

Great fun was had on this shoot wallpapering storage boxes (fab idea to try at home), adding fabric trim to lampshades and marvelling at the amazing blooms The Fresh Flower Company created for the vase up top (whilst simultaneously being slightly terrified of touching it, being that the vast costs an eye-watering £995 from Mint). I even snuck home an offcut of this delicate Memento wallpaper by Laura Ashley as featured in this final shot (and when I say snuck, I mean literally removed it from a binbag and subsequently flattened it out with books, how deep was my love).

By cutting print from paper, I was able to decoupage it to a blue-painted canvas to enjoy forevermore (as featured in this article I wrote for Queens of Vintage). Hmmm, feeling decidedly cheerier already. Maybe I should step in and run the country – though on second thoughts, I’d probably spend more time redecorating No 10 than coming up with Important World Policies and whatever else it is they do…

{image credits: top five images Homes & Gardens, photography by Polly Wreford. Bottom two images, me}


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