Design News: Gym Class Heroes

At school, due to having the hand/eye co-ordination of a blindfolded drunk, I never exactly excelled at sports. I was, however, rather good at design. If only I’d worked harder in Tech and invented this fantastically innovative range of furniture, using upcycled gymnasium flooring planks, maybe I would have earned enough cred with the netball team to avoid being picked last every time (sigh…)

The handiwork of Mater Gymnasium by Soren Rose, these Danish design pieces mimic the graphic lines and simple silhouettes of the gym court to form a range of cabinets and sideboards in both a slick modern and (my favourite, below) a rougher, vintage finish.

If you’re more of a traditional type and believe your flooring should remain underfoot, however, cast your eyes over this fantastically out-of-context gym flooring laid in this church conversion apartment.

Whilst the flooring itself isn’t for sale (this is actually a location house rented out for shoots), vintage emporium extraordinaire Retrouvious sell old school workbenches (complete with ‘I heart Elvis’-esque original graffiti) which can be laid as extra-wide flooring planks or used as kitchen worktops.

(Footnote – for all you BBC viewers out there wanting a closer look, this location is currently featuring in my as-of-five-minutes-ago favourite TV show High Street Dreams)

{image credits: furniture – Soren Rose Studio via Design Boom. Location: Light Locations]


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2 responses to “Design News: Gym Class Heroes”

  1. myfriendshouse says :

    Oh I love the church floor. Almost enough to get me over my own school gym-related traumas. Always found those markings mesmerising.

    • Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

      Hello, just wanted to say thanks for being my first commentee on my newbie blog! Loving yours and always nice to read the work of fellow design-loving Londoners! Just saw the floor again on tonight’s show and am desperate to shoot in this location to see it in the flesh – if I ever manage it will post pics!

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