Professionally Stylish: Shoot Location Houses – Darville Road

It always pleases me when I’m assigned to jobs in location houses that are a mere walking distance from my own abode, as oppose to the usual lengthy commute across town. So after several days shooting in the depths of zone six, a sunny walk to this delightful house in my locale was just what the doctor ordered.

Owned by top interiors photographer Jake Curtis, this pretty slice of Victoriana is an exercise in restrained chic, with light and (off)white being the order of the day, punctuated by slick mid-century (and this-century) modern classics, textural vintage finds and the occasional colour/pattern pop. As a teeny-tiny flat dweller of limited funds, whenever confronted with a dreamy supersized location home, I always try to spot the universal design tips and tricks that could be applied to any space (after the initial ‘oh wow’ phase, shortly followed by a bout of extreme jealousy, before normal service resumes). So what can we learn here?

1. Ceiling lights:

Got a dubiously situated pendant light? Or concerned about committing the lighting crime that upsets interior designers so deeply (i.e. the horror of a room solely lit by a single overhead bulb)? Rather than have your lighting junction box repositioned, consider simply rewiring from its existing spot using an extra-long flex (preferably braided for a vintage-tastic finish). Then simply hang a few strategically placed hooks from your ceiling and place your overhead light in whichever dingy corner seems most in need at that particular moment.

2. Picture shelf:

Curate your own ever-changing gallery space without puncturing your walls with dodgy darts-style holes for a joyfully temporary display of favourite prints, pictures, books, trinkets and baubles, by fitting a slim picture shelf (try Ikea’s Ribba picture ledge, £4.99)

3. Liberate your Prints:

Speaking of photos, do as Jake does and make a statement of any great/arty shots in your arsenal by blowing them up big and proud and putting them in a sleek frame. Far more preferable to a mass-produced High Street print and not much more expensive either. OK, impressive home snaps are easier to come by when you’re a professional photographer, but nothing beats being able to coyly (read: smugly) confess “oh, that? It’s just one of mine, actually” when guests enquire where you got your art from.

4. Child’s Play:

Keep the kiddies learning and the adults spared from having to look at anything in a comic sans style font by framing up an oh-so-classy kid’s poster, like this one featuring classic nursery rhyme Pop Goes the Weasel. Try Made By Girl’s ‘ABC Kids’ Print or Famille Summerbelle’s ‘Learn for Fun’ print range for similar.

{image credits: all via Light Locations}


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