Made in Clerkenwell: Part One – Ceramics and Illustration

I’d like to say this is a review of my favourite things from this last weekend’s Made in Clerkenwell exhibition, but as it turns out it features pretty much everyone who exhibited, so high was its calibre. The weather was so glorious (a balmy 28 degrees) that the boyf was even happy to sit outside with a paper without complaining (much) whilst I got my craft fix. Spread over two almost-adjacent sites, Craft Central holds its Made in Clerkenwell open studios twice-yearly, allowing the public direct access to the designer-makers who inhabit its studio space. With quite literally a smorgasboard of fabulousness on show, I’ll keep my prose short and my pictures plentiful as we get straight to the goodies: this post covers all the ceramics and illustration work on show, while part two will cover everything else.

Stunningly simple wheel-thrown white porcelain vases with tiny coloured necks by Chito Kuroda

YoYo Ceramics, best known for their innovative ceramic tupperware, have been collaborating with the textile designer Claire Coles to transport her beautiful hand-stitched vintage wallpaper designs into the world of porcelain adorning mugs and tablets, making frameless artwork – fantastic for sneaking a bit of Claire’s stunning aesthetic into the home without the bespoke pricetag.

Porcelain bottles with subtle growing patterns snaking over their surface by Shan Annabelle Valla

Proof that being clod-handed in the kitchen can be a blessing in disguise, designer and illustrator Esther Coombs has cunningly repurposed  pieces of broken vintage crockery to form adorable plant labels – perfect for a spot of guerrilla gardening. Also a big shout-out to her non-smashed product range, which includes vintage plates and cakestands given a noughties (or is it ‘tens’ now? I can’t keep up) update with urban ink drawings obscuring the chintz.

Delicate, ethereal ceramics from Janet Stahelin Edmonson, formed through pressing vintage fabrics and trims directly into flat pieces of porcelain before being hand formed into bowls, vases and buttons.

Charmingly simplistic collage illustrations by Julie Vermeille, featuring fabric and buttons for a touch of whimsy yet kept modern by their minimal compositions.

Wonderfully tactile pin-cushion-esque (or is that just me?) teapots and cups as part of the Nucleolus range by Ikuko

Hand-thrown pots illustrated with quirky individuals and curious places from Helen Beard, created through relief print illustrations to simulate a watercolour-and-ink style. Stay tuned for my next post featuring everything that didn’t fit neatly into a category here!


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2 responses to “Made in Clerkenwell: Part One – Ceramics and Illustration”

  1. Chito Kuroda says :

    This is a great event in London!
    The atmosphere was fantastic.
    I really enjoyed it!

    Made In Clerkenwell:
    Winter Open Studios 2010
    25-28 Nov 2010

    Hope to see you there!

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