Made in Clerkenwell: Part Two – Everything Else

And without further ado: we step back into the world of Made In Clerkenwell – this time, a focus on, errr, everything that isn’t ceramics and illustration. Though on further reflection there are a few illustration-ey things here too. Maybe I should make some kind of profound statement about how you can’t categorise or pigeonhole art. Or just post some pictures of pretty things. OK, pretty pics it is then.

One of the stars of the show, designer extraordinaire Michelle Mason (famed for her felt Stella rugs) showed off new products including super-cute printed cushions depicting urban scenes, topped off with (sharp intake of breath) a pom-pom trim. Don’t know what it is about pom-poms, but they just get me all hot under the collar…

Whimsical, scrawling sketches on placemats and coasters, with the contrast between modern illustration juxtaposed on rustic black slate looking soooo now, by London Kills Me.

Vintage post-card esque linen placemats by textile designer Lucie Pritchard.

Crafty artwork by featured exhibitor Evelin Kasikov, who fuses craft with graphic design, reworking cross stitch into contemporary forms.

Loglike, best known for their eco-savvy candleholders made from vintage saucers and handmade candles, hand over some design control to the user with their new pencils fruit basket, a simple disc of wood with the ‘sides’ formed by pencils slotted into holes.

With a nod to modern trompe l’oeil (a topic covered in an earlier blog post here), Supafrank debuts with a wonderfully quirky limited product line, including this laser cut mug tree. In a simple white finish, the pear motifs pop straight out of the body of the tree, giving space for the obligatory hanging mugs whilst doing double duty themselves as coasters, all under the watchful eye of an adorable itty-bitty squirrel perched on the tree’s roots.


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