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Being a cutting edge sort of a blog, I wanted to get this info over to you from the Pulse London exhibition that took place, errrr, two weeks ago (sorry, I’ve been up to my mince pies in Crimbo shoots lately so evenings have mainly been spent trying to remove glitter and faux snow from clothes, body and flat). Pulse is a trade-only show, but don’t feel too bad on missing out if you’re a non-industry type as aside from the corkers I’ve uncovered below, there were lots of Christmas deco vendors and the like, which is probably the last thing anyone wants to be thinking about right now (sadly, myself included). Sooo…

I’ll get to the goodies in a minute, but couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of these displays in the entrance – got me a little hot under the collar, I tell ya. But enough about me and onto the designers:

Small but wonderfully quirky product range from Japanese designer Takae Mizutani and Sons (with ‘sons’ being pet cats Mooks and Guiness), including these small snail cake plates and salt and pepper set in the shape of a sailboat

Save that beer money and put it towards something more permanent instead – namely, these East End Pub Crawl cushions by Wingate Print, featuring a selection of classic British boozers. Gorge printed tea towels, too

Innovative ‘tangled’ ceramics constructed from woven clay by Timea Sido, inspired by a chance glance at a spider’s web distorted by a rogue leaf caught in its sticky clutches

RCA graduates Haidee Drew, Solomia Zoumaris and Jo Davies pooled talents to form the make:space collective, dedicated to “re-inventing traditional, functional objects to produce design that is on the edge of the familiar”. Looks like they’re off to a cracking start if these Cog bowls (Haidee), vases-for-ickle-blooms (Jo) and not-quite-sure-what-to-call-it fancy sculptural blocky bowls (Solomia) are anything to go by – loving your work, ladies!

Wonderfully tactile embroidered illustrations by textile designer Naomi Ryder, inspired by “the beauty and humour found in day-to-day culture and mundane routine tasks that make up our daily lives.”

Yummy textural ceramics featuring imprinted fabrics – clever Annette Bugansky even knits the fabric patterns herself before, errr, ceramicising (?!) them

If you like your lighting designers to hail from Tokyo and be rather innovative and trendy, then get the over to Di Classe, like, five minutes ago for a spectacular array of pendants, table and floor lights such as the Fillo, pictured above.

So hot-off-the-press it’s not even launched yet, make your way over to Stitch Designworks from August 1st for this rather clever Doodle Duvet, complete with wash-out fabric pens to customise to your heart’s delight

Same goes for this brand new range of Urban Cupboards from the Original Metal Box Co, who introduced this rather fabulous ‘Des Res’ shelved storage cupboard into the fold

If so-new-it’s-not-launched-yet still isn’t enough (demanding, much?), how about so-new-it’s-not-even-in-production-yet-and-the-designer’s-still-in-uni? Step forward, Central St Martins student Ruth Prescott, with a refreshing twist on the ubiquitous ‘wibbly’ crockery in the form of her beautiful Chiseled cup range. As such, these are currently only available to order on request – manufacturers take note and put in a bulk order sharpish!

And last but by no means least, one of my favourite discoveries of the day – The New English. To quote: The New English presents a radical rethink of bone china, combining a 250 years heritage of skills and craftsmanship with the finest of contemporary design and a particularly English aesthetic to create products which surprise, soothe and bring a smile to your face. I certainly smiled (and probably drooled a little bit too) when eyeing up their top quality yet super-trendy range of ceramics such as this Inkhead Dinner Plate by Florian Hutter, Entomo Cake Plate by Monica Tsang and the outstanding Benday Gold Teacup by Marcus Steel


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