The House of St Barnabas

Sometimes in this styling game you get to go to the sort of places you could only dream of visiting in ‘normal’ life, which is both a fantastic perk of the job whilst also being somewhat surreal (many’s the day I’ve spent wafting around utility rooms/spare second guest bathrooms bigger than my entire flat). Usually I find myself in (albeit spectacular) ‘real’ homes, though sometimes, particularly for press events, I’m often stationed in trendy central London bars or hotels, where instead of getting a taste of how the other half live, I instead get a glimpse at where they eat and sip designer mojito’s in their downtime. As I gear up for another early start on a Christmas press show in the morning being held at London’s uber-trendy eaterie Sketch, I’m reminded of another swanky members-only joint I had the priviledge of spending an evening in recently for work.

The House of St Barnabas, originally a refuge for Soho’s homeless community, launched its very own not-for-profit members bar in 2009 in association with luxury-makers Quintessentially, meaning every Cosmopolitan supped by its members goes directly towards the continuing charity work of the House (a most valid reason to knock back a sneaky tipple if ever I heard one). And with interiors designed by Russell Sage, a mishmash of English eccentricity is the order of the day. With original period features clashing beautifully with quirky, modern artworks and bold hued painted and papered walls, the space oozes cool Victoriana with a 21st Century twist.

[all images taken from Quintessentially Soho]


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