Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Let’s do a hypothetical here: what would you do if, say, you left the mundane routine of your 9-5 behind you to set up a whole new business of your own? I’ll bet quite a few of you would be in the ‘ooh, well maybe I’d set up as an interior designer, and perhaps dabble in some wallpaper design’ camp, right? Well, what if your ‘day’ job was being a Lady Seducer and All Round Rock God? Step forward, wallpaper’s latest design diva: Lenny Kravitz.

Yes, Lenny Kravitz.

Having set up his own design practice way back in 2003, injecting some old-skool rock ‘n’ roll glamour into some of America’s finest hotels, bars and private residences, he has now united with Brooklyn-based wallpaper firm Flavor Paper (is that not the coolest name for a wallpaper company ever?) and launched several new designs (yes, these ones!)

I love the idea of Kravitz coming offstage of a night then heading straight home to tussle mentally over pantone colour chips and exact placement of tropical fauna and flora within his latest prints. If common old non-rockstar-designed wallpaper will do however, there’s plenty more to choose from in the ‘flavour lair’, such as:

Sakura and Flower Pedal (a touch of the Nina Campbell‘s non?)



and – hello – Fishnet

Do check it out for yourself – plenty more on the website, and remember, it ain’t over ’til it’s over (groan…)


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About Joanna Thornhill

Freelance Interior Stylist, Author, Writer and Crafter working for a range of magazine titles and commercial clients. Author of Home for Now (CICO Books 2014)

One response to “Are You Gonna Go My Way?”

  1. myfriendshouse says :

    Brilliant bit of design news – well spotted. And yeah, if someone had asked me to picture what kind of wallpaper Laughing Len would design, I would have pictured exactly these.

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