Coming of Age

Cripes, another few weeks gone and I seem to have spent it mainly shooting yet more Christmas (now rapidly being replaced with shoots for Spring/Summer 2011, gulp), sourcing fancy cutlery, styling some yachts for a boat show and subsequently discovering that it’s possible to get seasick even if you’re stationery in a marina and, umm, turning 30. Much bigger gulp.

The boyf got me this amazing print as a main pressie featuring one of my favourite ever quotes (thanks, Mr Morris), by the intriguingly named letterpress studio A Two Pipe Problem (which is unfortunately still resting in its plastic packet on top of the sofa until I’ve got time to track down a frame for it), plus these amazing hydrangeas (my all-time favourite bloom) and even a Cath Kidston iPhone cover which literally makes me happy every time I look at it.

It’s not just me coming of age, however. I also picked up this rather natty tin of Heinz tomato soup (top) whilst out propping in Fortnum & Mason (the only time I can afford to shop in their food hall, sigh…) – to celebrate the centenary of the iconic British brand. The limited edition can is currently only for sale instore but will be available throughout most UK supermarkets from October, but if you can’t wait that long, get the down there – and don’t worry about taking the platinum card, you’ll get change out of a mere pound coin from this little beauty. Hmmm, turning 30 vs turning 100 – maybe it ain’t so bad after all…

Anyhoo more ‘proper’ posts to follow soon, plus some reviews fresh outta the London Design Festival – keep an eye on my ‘Things to do in London’ links bar which I’ll be updating with my top picks for the week!


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One response to “Coming of Age”

  1. Conversation Pieces says :

    Love the print – it’s such a great sentiment 🙂

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