Nature’s Bounty

Sigh… another few weeks pass and all of my carefully collected literature from London Design Festival still lie in their respective carrier bags under my kitchen table, waiting – mocking – for me to finally sift through them and post my highlights online. But alas, having been shooting away from home and living Alan Partridge-style in a hotel, they will have to wait just a few days longer. In the meantime, here’s a few pics of the view from the back garden of the location I’ve been shooting in over the past week, in Shoreham-on-Sea. Not a bad view, huh? Beyond the bottom of my garden lies a nondescript-looking primary school, but apparently some people have beaches at the back of theirs (jealous, moi?)

Our shoot house itself was a beautifully simple Art Deco number, which has been thoughtfully accessorised using stones, driftwood and dried flowers all picked up from its shoreline doorstep – providing a lovely link between outside and in (and a pretty cost-effective decorating device to boot)

In between shooting and eating copious amounts of food, we managed to take a couple of beachside strolls to do a bit of scavenging ourselves. Here’s what I got:

The boyf, after initially seeing the back seat of the car lined up with clumps of tumbleweed and declaring me a fruitloop, has now conceded that it does indeed look pretty special in the big vase next to the telly. Sadly no view of the southern coast lies yonder, but at least it softens our technology corner somewhat.

More flora and fauna, beautifully dried into a very Farrow and Ball natural whitewashed finish

And a few (ahem) handpicked pebbles to cunningly disguise the ugly inner pot of my hallway plant – a much more aesthetically pleasing finish. [top tip – use plastic bags or bubblewrap to initially fill in the edges around the pot before adding your stones, if trying this at home – it stops the pot turning into a two-tonne weight and means you need less stones, too]. I also found a lovely spherical pebble with a natural hole running through it which I am planning to use as a bathroom light pull, though when I went to put it up realised how filthy the cord is, so am due a date with a bottle of bleach and some rubber gloves before photographing that particular find…


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