Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Somehow it appears to be Christmas eve already, and after a madly busy few months it’s nice to be tucked up at the in-laws, with the heating on what appears to be about a 45c constant heat and an ever-flowing supply of mince pies and red wine. I’m thinking about many plans for the blog in 2011 (namely, errr, writing it) but as I’m on Cornish Internet for the next few days the posts sadly won’t be flowing anytime soon.  I’m guessing I’ve left it a bit late to start researching and posting my own little blog Crimbo Gift Guide too, non?!

Despite (over)work madness we did manage to explore the Narnia-esque wonderland that fell all over London town (and everywhere else) last Saturday. Our street is none too shabby under normal circumstances anyway, but we couldn’t help feeling somewhat smug when the view from our living room transformed into this:

After venturing down the steps and exploring the now-white green running through the centre of the street, we stumbled to the park at the top of the road, wondering how on earth we could actually still be in London and not in some form of country village circa 1820.

Our Smallest Ever Christmas Tree has also finally been dec’d, after sitting sadly in his pot, naked, for a whole week before we had time to dress him. As much of my life during May-September involves dressing trees for photoshoots, usually in a co-ordinated and sophisticated fashion, when it comes to my own little section of foliage, tasteful restraint goes out of the window in place of what I affectionately refer to as a more ‘eclectic’ approach (read: small child in candystore of pretty shiny things without a parent to restrain).

New additions to my bauble family this year include these lovely little vintage-style silver numbers from Aspen and Brown, plus three of these folky handpainted bird numbers by Nkuku, along with my battered vintage handmade silver bells, this year used as a tree topper.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been working in a magazine office recently and found this tin in the bin yesterday. I smugly took it home, natch, and it has since occurred to me what a large number of things in my possession have been removed from bins and subsequently adopted by me. Hmmm, Eco Goddess or tightwad womble? Something to ponder…


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