Bright Young Things 2011: Interactive, Ceramics and Glass

Ready for the next visual feast in my top hot new designer tips for 2011? Well saddle up, partner, cos here comes a double whammy. First, some interactive shizzle:

Siwen Huang – beautiful hanging panels made up from hundreds of cut pieces – by manipulating the fabric on the ‘plain’ side, you can create a myriad of different designs formed by revealing the multicoloured fabric on the other side

Tactile Wonderland – offers a bespoke service featuring ethereal lasercut designs in wallpaper, fabric and wood veneer

Znak Life – with various kits, you can customise your own easy-to-apply wallpaper patterns by tearing off sections of the paper – you can even amp up the drama by painting the wall beneath it a statement shade, allowing it to shine through

Hive Space – this fresh London collaborative produce an array of intelligent design pieces, such as this Crossbow stool with interchangeable bead legs and the Slash customisable lampshade, which manages to even make shredding look sexy

Kristine Bjaadal – bad table manners are positively encouraged in this camp, as Kristine’s Underfull tablecloth comes alive when drinks are spilt on it, revealing a damask pattern that gradually builds up over time through use

Bettina Nissen – her Rustic bench, with its subtle leaf design, may look like weatherproof stainless steel, but whilst the bench itself is constructed in this way, the leaf pattern is actively built to rust, revealing its pattern more and more over time. She has also turned her hand to Ikea’s ubiquitous Billy bookcase, creating simple ‘Victorianiser’ panels that adhere to the product to give a traditional British element to this simple Skandi minimalist piece.

And now for something a little different – ceramics and glass:

Stine Jespersen – creates sculptural ceramics by chopping, tearing, pinching and pressing clay coils. Love the unusual combo of stark black on such ‘soft’ pieces

Kaori Tatebayashi – dark yet rustic, evocative ceramic range

Mizuyo Yamashita – cute-yet-edgy ceramics featuring miniature houses to form, amongst other things, salt and pepper pots and modernist butter dishes (featured)

Curiosa and Curiosa – double shade glass ceiling lights – stunning modern silhouettes with a nod to traditional styles, kept fresh by exciting colourways

Xinyaoyao – using traditional Chinese purple clay, the details and texture of embroidery have been perfectly captured in ceramic form

Wik & Walsoe – refreshingly simple, delicate pieces constructed from the design house’s handmade, high quality porcelain. Designs are simple with a light, ethereal feel along with a touch of skandi whimsy.

More to follow later this week!


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