60 Second Makeover : Washi Tape on Pot

Since it is now officially spring (well, I’ve put my washing out for the first time since 2010 – OK, it may have not actually dried and a bird did poo on my top, but at least it’s not formed icicles so I consider this immense progress) I thought I’d share a mini plant pot hack I invented recently. I took this little hyacinth to come and live with me back at Stylist HQ at the end of a shoot, and immediately scoured my ever-growing collection of miscellaneous pots to see what I could house him in (plastic pots on drip trays just don’t cut it with me).

Nothing quite fit and the best I could come up with was the below, leaving the top edge of the plastic sticking out like an unsightly VPL. After a moment wondering if my OCD could cope with this visual blight and quickly deciding on a resounding no, I decided to wrap the offending edge in a little Japanese Washi tape, purchased at the Tate Shop (plus it has been passed law I think that a design blog must mention washi tape at least once a month). I then decided to go for broke and slosh a bit more around the ceramic pot to give the illusion that the whole thing had been designed to look like that from the get-go. Convincing, non?

In other floral news, I thought I’d share a little tale of the humble Onion flower.

After purchasing said flower for a shoot, this little sculptural lovely sat perfectly happy in a little water for a few days. Until I noticed this – a break for freedom?

A subtle ripping occured at its base, and it developed a wierd, bumpy translucency. Until finally it turned into this!

With its little cocoon dropped at its feet.

Note to any interested readers out there: it is at this point that the onion flower proves its name, and its water starts to reek to high heaven – but fortunately he seems happy dried out too and is now continuing his retirement in a waterless vintage bottle by the sink.

[All pictures by me, including the fuzzy iPhone one]


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