Heart Home Bookcase Makeover

There’s precious little more satisfying than a furniture makeover in my book: slapping a fresh coat of paint or a new jacket of wallpaper over something a bit blah, then basking in the glory of your thrifty brilliance every time you glance at said item forevermore. As a professional tinkerer I’ve had more than my fair share of bits of furniture/walls/floors/doors to paint all in the name of the Photoshoot, and also ended up with more than my fair share of leftover paint and wallpaper scraps as a result.

There’s been rather a lot of this sort of extra-curricular activity going on in my flat – as regular readers will know, I’m a renter, AKA I live in a white box that I can’t do much to change. So I’m a big fan of the Furniture Makeover, and not much escapes my clutches unscathed. Recently my attentions were turned to my rather sorry looking Ikea Leksvik bookcase. Having recently come back from a shoot with half a roll left of the amazing Bindi wallpaper by Eijffinger (available at Wallpaper Direct), I was desperate to slap it up on something. I was also finding the bookcase increasingly impractical for my needs: I wanted to stack my magazine stash up tall, but the little blighters kept sliding down the back. It was high time I got my DIY on.

First things first, a little sanding and priming…

Followed by a lick of the truly scrumptuous Turquoise Blue by Little Greene

And my carcass was complete. Next, time to sort out that pesky open back issue.

After measuring the width and diameter of the bookcase, I purchased a sheet of hardboard, cut to size at my local Homebase (and duly squished into tiny Vauxhall Corsa). I then set about securing my wallpaper to the front with some double-sided carpet tape (if I was less lazy, wallpaper paste would have been a good bet) in two drops, running a knife around the edges to quickly whip off the excess.

Then a final bit of drill action to create pilot holes to screw it into place (I chose screws rather than nails for easy future removal)

Until I was left with this! Much improved, I think you’ll agree. Now, would you like to see the money shot? Here you go!

Which brings me neatly to my next little topic: the rest of my kitchen, and indeed my entire teeny-tiny flat, is due to feature in a brand new online magazine, Heart Home! The first UK-specific online interiors mag (who have already very kindly featured me on their blog), it launches this Thursday, 15th Sep and is being expertly edited by fellow bloggers Arianna of Arianna Interiors, Carol of Dear Designer’s and Daniel from Atelier Tally. I was extremely excited to show off my humble abode, plus style and write the feature (shot by the fabulous Sarah Hogan). I will post with the article link once it’s out there in interweb-land. More sneaky peeks from the flat to follow!

{Image Credits: Top blurry ones, me, bottom two nice ones, Sarah Hogan}


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One response to “Heart Home Bookcase Makeover”

  1. richardmcgowan says :

    Wowzer! Eye popping colours. Just done a similar thing with our own bookcase http://bit.ly/xN97Mn

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