It’s been at least five minutes since there’s been a major interiors event in London Town, so luckily one sidled up just in time to fill the gaping void. Superdesign, billing itself as a Design Art exhibition, featured specially commissioned studio pieces by both well known and emerging designers which managed to straddle the gap between form and function. This show was all about statement pieces, and showcased a pleasing mix of technology and craftsmanship, which both managed to metaphorically lie together in one super-stylish bed: think simplistic chairs embossed in intricate ethnic patterns, lights formed from flat sheets of plastic and slabs of wood and marble meticulously configured into tactile, perfect, defy-you-not-to-stroke-it shapes.

My favourite pieces (all below) included the Cinderella table by Demakersvan – the most interesting, whimsical use of marble I think I’ve ever seen, the Samurai chandelier, which beautifully combined ancient craft techniques to provide an extremely modern end product, and the vibrant Blooming Spark light, one of the few technicoloured pieces on show and constructed from neoprene, acrylics and UV paint to produce what its makers describe as “a bouquet of alien botany”. I also found the use of ‘light transform flats’ (aka light-up glowing sheeting) extremely interesting – a concept I was first introduced to earlier this year by Show & Tell Design, with their prototype Lampada flat lamp which featured on BBC2’s Britain’s Next Big Thing and went on to be stocked at Liberty’s. I suspect we’ll be seeing rather a lot more from this stock.

Ethno Eames chair, Paolo Giordano

Manta chair, Giuseppe Arbore

Samurai chandelier, Phillip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg in collaboration with Best & Lloyd

Digit Linear by Emmanuel Babled

Floor light by Michael Anastassiades

Blooming Spark by Hsiao-Chi Tsai & Kimiya Yoshikawa

Plug light, Marcus Tremonto

Cinderella table, Demakersvan

T36 stool, Paolo Giordano

{Image credits: All copyright Joanna Thornhill}


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