Happy New Year – and an Insight into India

Well here we are – a whole shiny new year sprawled ahead of us. It seems somewhat odd that many of us (myself included) choose to spend it mooching around the house with a hangover and hazy memories of dancing the night away to bad ’80’s music whilst we watch crap telly, counting down the minutes until we can legitimately go back to bed again and do things ‘properly’ tomorrow. But I’ve just about mustered up the energy to cobble together some of my favourite photos from my recent trip to India, which was hands-down my most inspirational, eye-opening, glorious highlight of what is now last year.

I’ve never been that keen on the idea of going to India to be honest – too noisy, bustly, chaotic and a severe lack of bland food (I don’t cope well with spice). But the opportunity to go out there for my Bestie’s wedding was simply too good to refuse, and as it turned out, these actually ended up being the things I loved most about the whole experience. In the sanitised West, where a simple request like asking for access to bleach spray in order to clean a dusty cupboard shelf at work can be refused on grounds of the Health & Safety risks (yes, this honestly did happen to me recently), the whirlwind of madness that is India, with its families of 10 hanging out of a tiny rickshaw, live power cables draped at head height and streets where life is just there, right in front of you in all its beautifully unedited glory, it all felt so wonderfully, liberatingly free. Perhaps it’s a somewhat crass viewpoint given that, I’m sure, the survival rate on those roads and streets must be significantly less rosy than in our seatbelted, security passed towns, but there was something so honest and simple about so much of what we saw I feel it’s justified to be envious of many of the lifestyle elements we bore witness to. And the spicy food? Well, let’s just say that genuinely enjoying a plate of Curried Cumin Cabbage couldn’t have surprised anyone more than me. And nowadays, you can’t keep me away from a good Rogan Josh for love nor money.

Here are a few compilations of some of the glimpses of colour, texture, people and pattern that caught my eye over there – will try and post the remainder, grouped into buildings and transport (seriously – the trucks out there are, like, totes amaze) – soon. Happy New Year!!

{All images copyright Joanna Thornhill}


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About Joanna Thornhill

Freelance Interior Stylist, Author, Writer and Crafter working for a range of magazine titles and commercial clients. Author of Home for Now (CICO Books 2014)

5 responses to “Happy New Year – and an Insight into India”

  1. Courtney Mara says :

    Great post! I have never been too keen on going to India as well, but I was invited to a wedding there and now I am excited to go there one day.


    • Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

      I’m so glad the wedding invite pushed me into going – such an amazing opportunity to get a proper insight into the culture, our western weddings seem so dull in comparison! Hope you get to go there one day – we’re already dreaming of our next visit!

  2. Ellie Tennant says :

    Lovely pics 🙂

  3. Decorator's Notebook says :

    Beautiful pictures Jo – India looks amazing. Also I adore the tiles in the first photo!

  4. Becky - Pretty Dandy says :

    Looks like it was a really inspiring trip. I always imagine it will be amazing, but I never quite get around to going – somewhere else always calls first. One day…

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