Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Phew – January certainly kicked off apace for me, how about you?! Several rather monumental occurances all seemed to hit within the first 48 working hours of the year. Firstly, my humble abode was featured, in glorious technicolour, in the wonderful Style at Home magazine! Heart Home readers will recognise it from the magazine’s debut issue last September, but it’s well worth a separate peek as the SatH team chose different shots, plus I was mighty flattered by their follow-on features inspired by the place – as well as a mini Get the Look, there was a spread on colourful storage tins inspired by my kitchen shelving, a feature on adding colour without decorating (perfect for fellow no-painty-allowed renters) and even a series of three DIY crafts to try using maps, as inspired by my filing cabinet which is covered in a giant oversized map to hide its corporate-ness.Even I felt inspired by me – if only there were more hours in the day for crafty fun!

For those not familiar with the magazine, do pop to the shops and get a copy – my feature will still be on sale in its Feb issue for another week or so. I was fortunate enough to do some freelance work on the first few issues (hard to believe it launched a year ago now) and it’s pretty much the only interiors mag on the UK market to fully embrace craft projects as a standalone feature rather than just an element of a decorating shoot, and is packed full of practical advice for making the most of any space.

Co-incidentally, lovely Kate Baxter from Fabric of my Life also ran an interview with me in Heart Home magazine’s blog on 4th Jan (it was originally meant to go in pre-Crimbo but ended up getting pushed back). Read it here – some very kind opening commentary from Kate, whose work in our Christmas decorating shoot for Heart Home pretty much single-handedly kick-started my current obsession with neon brights.

Here’s a few of my portfolio shots cropped into Heart Home’s favoured square format that accompanied the piece – an interesting exercise in itself to go through my work and see what did and didn’t work in a different format.

Then finally, something of a wild card:

Some time ago, I worked on a Dulux trend shoot with super-talented stylist Hannah Simmons, who created a series of inspirational trend stories set to launch in 2012. One of the trends for said shoot, Living Scrapbook, was planned to be shot slightly later and would feature a stylish desk space propped with a selection of black and white photographs lying on its surface. The art director spent some time on our shoot photographing people and places which could work on said desk, including, amongst many other things, a portrait shot of little ol’ me. Cut to over a year later, me sitting in a press briefing for Dulux’s said range of trends, and what should pop up as part of a Powerpoint slideshow?! My mug, centre stage! Something of a shock to say the least. Still, it’s nice to know my face is on-trend, particularly in light of all the recent exposure its been getting.

I mentioned several monumental occurences – so the fourth was that, about an hour after I received my copy of Style at Home with my beautiful little flat inside, I received a phone call from my landlord: he’s decided he wants to sell up and we’ve got just over three months to get out. The cruel mistress that is Lady Irony. So after a shell-shocked few days, the boyf and I decided to investigate and see if any banking types might be crazy enough to lend a couple of freelancing kids a few Big G’s mid-recession. Astoundingly, it seems that (touch wood) the answer appears to be yes! So spare time is going to be rather taken up these next few weeks/months visiting a selection of dank and dingy properties in various far-flung corners of London’s outback in the hope we can find one under budget and not too repulsive to live in! It’s very early days so far and am trying to keep my ‘look beyond the woodchip/cheap laminate/mould/smell of wet socks’ glasses firmly on, but so far I’ll just say – it’s amazing how very little a whacking great chunk of money will get you in this fine city. But I hope to be back here soon with some more positive tales and ultimately, many more positive stories of house purchases and ensuing Home Makeover Joy (is it wrong I’ve already picked out my sofa before we’ve even honed down an area we’d be happy to live in?!) Anyway I’d best be off – wouldn’t want you getting sick of me…

{Image Credits: Style at Home photography by Sarah Hogan. Party and egg shots, by Mike Daines for Essential Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom magazine. Carrot cake and chocolate cherry cupcake shots, by Max Attenborough for The Velvet Bakery. ‘Living Scrapbook’ desk shot, courtesy of Dulux


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4 responses to “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”

  1. Daniel Nelson says :

    Fab post. Glad I read this as I hadn’t seen the feature yet. I will whizz to the shops and pick up my own copy.

  2. Personalised Birthday Gifts says :

    Some really unique photography on display here. I’ll certainly be buying this edition too!

  3. Peony and Thistle says :

    Your home looks great! Haven’t seen that magazine yet – must check it out!

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