The Big Chill

I think I speak for all Brits when I say I’m mighty glad that (for now, at least) the extreme chill that enveloped our fair lands for most of February seems to finally be making way for a tentative start to early Spring (cue heavy rain and plummeting temperatures for the next three weeks). Right in the midst of the chill, and also in the midst of house hunting – the main reason for my lengthy absence as much of the month was lost to – myself and the boyf embarked on a weekend trip to the Welsh countryside, for a stay in beautiful Portmeirion.

Although there’s no doubt it would indeed be a most excellent place to while away the hours on a balmy summer’s day, there was something about being in essentially a tourist resort (albeit a very classy one) out of season that just feels somewhat magical. The piercing Winter’s sun glistened away over frosty surfaces and the vibrant pops of colour within the village itself contrasted beautifully with watercolour skies, all beautifully tempered by the cold seasonal light.

As well as lofty design ideas to steal for my own as-yet-non-existant garden and some rather natty little colour combos, I’ll not soon forget those beautiful, inky skies – and a Full English so immense, we were full up until tea time.

{Images – all copyright Joanna Thornhill}


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One response to “The Big Chill”

  1. Decorator's Notebook says :

    Portmeirion has been on my ‘to go’ list for ages – it looks really beautiful. Congrats too on the Style At Home feature!

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