Easter Decor Delights


As I am still heavily embroiled in house-attempt-purchasing malarky, I haven’t felt I’ve had a huge amount to say around these parts of late. Every time I catch myself lusting after a wallpaper or admiring a pleasing shelving configuration, I’m hit with that sick-to-the-stomach feeling you get as a teenager when you spy that boy you really like and sometimes dare to dream he might actually like you too, even though you’re simultaneously pretty certain he doesn’t know you exist and suspect he already has a girlfriend anyway. Well, it’s like that. Except with floor joists and unsightly brown pebbledash. I hope either way to be put out of my misery soon so that I might share what’s going on, but for now (and for the fourth long month running) patience is the name of the game.

I digress. What I actually came onboard to say is that, if you missed my feature on decorated Easter tabletop displays in Woman’s Weeky magazine last week (of which there was a pretty high likelihood as I was so preoccupied with said joists/pebbledash I forgot, um,  to tell anyone it was out) and you’re at a loose end this Saturday night, why not try whipping up one of the following projects:


Fabric decoupage eggs, using some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric (available for £11 per metre at John Lewis)


Hold back on scoffing those there mini eggs – why not arrange them in a vase for an alternative floral centrepiece instead? You can gorge on them after, promise…


And finally, egg cup tea lights. I was actually really impressed at how easy it is to burn down a ubiquitous Ikea tea light and transport it into another vessel ready for candlelight enjoyment. This could be applied to all manner of little bowls and other quirky, molten-wax-safe vessels as well as eggshells. For the full how-to, check out the instructions on the Good to Know website.



And finally a few behind the scenes shot – big thanks to lovely Sussie Bell, the photographer who let me overtake her house for the day with my trinkets and baubles (and took these stunning snaps, of course). There’s a few more of these to be seen over on the Woman’s Weekly Facebook page of you fancy ambling over.

And yes, I did eat approximately 25 duck eggs (and approx 957 mini eggs) during the planning process of this shoot. Tough times, friends, tough times…

Next big project on the horizon is my Jubilee shoot – pinkie promise to share it before July!


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About Joanna Thornhill

Freelance Interior Stylist, Author, Writer and Crafter working for a range of magazine titles and commercial clients. Author of Home for Now (CICO Books 2014)

2 responses to “Easter Decor Delights”

  1. Marianne (@NordicBliss) says :

    I really like when you take us “behind-the-scenes”. I’d love to see more of that.

    • Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

      Thanks for the comment Marianne (and apologies for the delayed response, mortgage-gate still continues to totally distract me…) hoping to post more behind-the-scenes shoot pics going forward, next on the list will be one I did for the Diamond Jubilee which’ll be out next month so look out for it!

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