So This is Christmas {2012}

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It’s not often you decorate your house for Christmas twice in one year, but then it’s not every year you find yourself gracing the front cover of an interiors rag, showing folk how to create your festive look. Having set up for faux-Christmas way back in August, there was just enough time that passed between then and the real thing to get the excitement levels raised, ready for (re)decorating this December.

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I kept a few elements from the Rich Brights look that appeared in my photoshoot last month, but mixed it in with some trusted family favourite baubles (some harking back from my Mother’s childhood in the 1960’s). As this is my first Christmas with a garden, we invested in a potted Nordic Fir which will go to live outside in January and can hopefully be wheeled out for many Christmases to come. Having lugged it home, I then realised that none of my garden pots fitted it properly, but rather cunningly tied a vintage hessian sack round it (fastened with some leftover multicoloured pompom trim from Clothkits to make things extra classy, like). One day I’ll invest in a lovely classic willow tree skirt, like this one from Rowan & Wren, but for now this more than does the job. As our tree is on the opposite side of the room to the window, I wanted to add a sparkle of festivity to the front of the house without investing in further decorations. Cue a slightly ramshackle but hopefully-a-little-bit-charming display of mismatched hanging baubles at either side window, topped off with a twine-outline tree in the main pane, all held in place with some good ol’ festive washi tape. Having finally purchased a retro dining table and chairs (more on that in Jan) for the dining room, I was also able to set up my sophisticated mini-tree from M&S (which I promptly loaded up with yet more kitschy mini-baubles, obvs).

JThornhill Christmas ECard 2012

Here’s to a very merry Christmas, dear readers. I’m off to get that cheeseboard started…


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