Beyond the Wall: Paint Effect Canvas Artwork How-to

Day One Painting Details Header Dulux Collective Passions by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Graduated wet-brush canvas with Dulux paint - Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Inspired by the subtle tones of this image from Dulux’s Collective Passions trend, I selected three closely-related hues – Frayed Hessian 3, Fruit Fool 6 and Chalk Blush 1, and used a wet-brush technique to get a softer blend between the colours. Painting the top and bottom bands of colour first, I then dabbed blobs of the same colours near their edges before filling in the middle band, allowing the paint colours to mix together. To finish, I blended the colours with light brushstrokes, alternating between each colour, as shown in my previous post, ensuring I worked quickly before the colours dried.

Two-tone Dry-brush canvas with Dulux paint - Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

In contrast to the wet-brush technique, I wanted to experiment with a higher-contrast alternative. Enter Bermuda Cocktail 2 and Orange Fizz, which together I think create a somewhat retro, West-German pottery vibe. I returned to the dry-brush technique for this, but kept all the brushstrokes horizontal rather than any-which-way, to create a more stripy, bold finish, again swapping between each colour and blending over each other until I was happy with the end result.

Multi-paint Framed Artwork by Anja Jane with Dulux paint - Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

And finally, not an artwork in itself, but an accompaniment to one. The boyf bought me this beautiful screenprint for my birthday, by local-to-me artist Anja Jane (do check her out – her work is gorgeous!) and I’d held off framing it as I didn’t want to just shove it in a bog-standard frame. However, I was desperate to pop a couple of things up on my freshly-painted wall and had a perfectly sized Ribba knocking about – then the little cogs in my brain started turning and I noticed how a few of my Collective Passions testers co-ordinated perfectly with it. As a result of my indecision, I painted the inside lip of the frame with Rock Candy 2, slicking Bongo Jazz 3 and 1 respectively to the front and sides. I love how it pops out and thanks to the limited palette within the print, the frame accents it perfectly without vying for attention. After lightly sanding and priming the frame, a couple of coats was enough to do the job.

More crafty delights to follow later this week!

{Images: Photography and projects copyright Joanna Thornhill}

{Psst: wondering why I’m blathering on about Dulux all week? Well, I’m working on an exciting online collaboration with them, exploring their latest SS13 trend, Collective Passions. All week I will be producing blog posts with this trend as the starting point, and then on Saturday 9th March I will be presenting my findings at Meet the Blogger London. To find out more about both, click here.}


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