Crafternoon Delight: Painted Easter Egg Project

Craft Opener Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

After my ombre-fest at the start of this week, I was keen to try out the other main painting style of Dulux’s Collective Passions trend – the stripe – as well as get my craft on for a little Easter-inspired project before the week was out. Having completed two decorated egg projects recently for other clients (which will be on the blog soon), I figured I’d make it a hat-trick and use up a few leftover duck eggs to boot.

So to create your own, you will need some duck eggs, a skewer, bottle tops, thin masking tape (I got mine from Hobbycraft in the model-painting section), brushes and, of course, paints – standard emulsion works perfectly well. Before you start you’ll need to blow out your eggs – gently make a hole in the top of each egg with your skewer by slowly grinding from side to side until it pierces through, then repeat on the underside. Poke it in a few times for good measure to break the yolk. Gently blow through into a bowl and think happy thoughts of the omelette you will later be making with the leftovers. Give each empty egg a good wash, blow out any last bits of water, then leave to dry thoroughly. And then you can begin:

Egg Painting Project Step 1 Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Add a base coat of emulsion all over each egg – it’s easiest to hold the egg with two fingers and paint around them, then set it down on a bottle top and fill in the finger-gaps once it’s dry. Give each egg a second coat for a nice even coverage.

Egg Painting Project Step 2 Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Add your masking tape, carefully pressing down the edges, particularly around any curves. Continue the tape the whole way round the egg, overlapping slightly at the back.

For Egg A, add three stripes in a line starting from the centre and going off to the left, then remove the middle stripe when finished.

For Egg B, add a single vertical stripe around the middle of the egg.

For Egg C, add two evenly spaced bands horizontally in the middle of the egg.

Egg Painting Project Step 3 Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Time to add your second colour to each egg.

For Egg A, paint over the ’empty’ stripe and the left hand side of the egg beyond the left hand piece of masking tape.

For Egg B, freehand paint a rough line about halfway round the egg then fill in the lower half.

For Egg C, paint under the lower masking tape band on the egg. Add a second coat to all.

Egg Painting Project Step 4 Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Leave Egg A to dry whilst carrying on with the other two.

For Egg B, freehand paint the top quarter of the egg, again leaving a rough paint line.

For Egg C, paint the top third of the egg over the upper masking tape line.

Egg Painting Project Step 5 Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Just Egg B left to finish – paint a final band of colour over the middle section of the egg, again keeping your brush strokes rough at the joins. Aim to keep the line relatively straight but don’t worry if it goes a little wonky, it’s all part of the charm.

Egg Painting Project Step 6 Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Carefully remove the masking tape from each egg and touch up any blemishes with more paint. Sit back and admire your handiwork. Possibly whilst eating your omelette.

Final Results Egg Painting Project by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Display on your tabletop in egg cups or little jars/shot glasses/tealight holders/jugs (this rather lovely little one is the Marne from Habitat), or alternatively thread through some embroidery floss and hang them decoratively from some twigs in a vase. Invite your friends round to marvel at your creative genius.

So wondering where the inspiration came from? Behold:

Eggs vs Rooms Craft Project by  Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Top: Egg painted in Rock Candy 2 and Bongo Jazz 1

Middle: Egg painted in (top to bottom) Fragrant Cloud 4, Lilac Spring 3, Flying feather and (stripe) Paradise Green 4

Bottom: Egg painted in (top to bottom) Fruit Fool 6, Frayed Hessian 3, Rock Candy 6.

Paint Chart Cards & Giftwrap by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

After all that fun I couldn’t resist having a final play and as I had a card to make and present to wrap (a little belated birthday gift for the boyf as I had to postpone his real birthday due to Work Horrors a few weeks back), I decided to mock up a few card blanks using a megamix of the colours I had left from my Collective Passions testers. Having army-precision-planned the egg painting exercise, I went a bit free and easy with this and just slapped on the paint in a myriad of ways for a slightly rough-and-ready but hopefully charming-in-a-homemade-way type of vibe. I then got utterly carried away and decided to wrap said gift in some plain white paper (I used the underside of a wallpaper offcut) and painted little squares on that too, finishing things off with (what else) a splash of Washi tape.

Normal blogging service will resume next week, but I do hope you’ve enjoyed this week of painterly adventures. I shall be presenting my findings on all of the above (plus lots of added extras) at the Meet the Blogger London conference tomorrow so if you’re going, I’ll see you there, and if you’re not, just assume that I was fabulous…

Happy Friday everyone!

{Images: Photography and styling throughout by Joanna Thornhill, apart from the three roomset images next to the painted eggs, which are courtesy of Dulux}.

{Psst: wondering why I’m blathering on about Dulux all week? Well, I’m working on an exciting online collaboration with them, exploring their latest SS13 trend, Collective Passions. All week I will be producing blog posts with this trend as the starting point, and then on Saturday 9th March I will be presenting my findings at Meet the Blogger London. To find out more about both, click here.}


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