Diary of a Renovation: Blindtastic in the Bathroom

Bathroom Blind Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own - Window Main

Gosh, it’s hard work keeping track of what I’ve shared where with my little bathroom renovation project – last time it was wall painting, I believe. Well, I’m happy to say the room is now approximately 97% finished (and yes, that’s a 3% that may NEVER be finished, a common theme running throughout the house I’m noticing). I shan’t bore you with too many details, but in the needs-grown-up-supervision camp there’s still some more silicon’ing to be done and a cable to be shortened. Then in the Fluffing Camp (my domain, obvs) I want to get some of my artwork – maybe even an oversized clock – onto the walls for a non-bathroom vibe, stick a couple of hooks onto the back of the door and upgrade my towels (I’m thinking hammam).

But for now I wanted to share a few of the extra bits I’ve done to get her looking (mainly) shipshape. So following on from my last thrilling instalment, you’ll see the woodwork has been painted a rather snazzy grey – this is on the window and door frame, tongue-and-groove (no more Sauna Chic) and skirting board. It was meant to be on the door too, but I ran out of steam and now I kinda like it Au Natural. I love how it makes the lovely old carved details on the woodwork so much more of a feature.

Bathroom Blind Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own - Window Side

And focusing on the window – what’s this you see? Why, it’s my fancy new blind! Originally I wanted shutters up at the window, to hide the unfortunate double glazing, but after a fiscal review, decided that something (most things, in fact) had to give. And it wasn’t going to be chocolates and wine. Luckily, I then discovered the Web Blinds site – specifically, their Innovation faux-wood venetian blinds (the ‘faux’ making them suitable for bathrooms) which come in a choice of slat width – by going for an extra-wide 63mm, this gave a really sleek, shutter-style finish, for a fraction of the cost. There’s also no extra charge for getting one made to your exact dimensions – a bonus when no shop in the land seems to make any in the size you need. It’s literally transformed the room and looks super smart.

I peeled off the revolting, brown-peeling-edges textured window film that blighted both halves of the window and, as mentioned previously, appeared to have been stuck on with a mixture of wood glue and treacle (let’s just say it made for a three-hour, bicep-toning workout). To spare the neighbour’s blushes, I decided to put some plain static frosting film over the bottom half only, leaving the top panel clear (I had some leftover from an old rental flat, but Purlfrost sell it). I now leave the blind permanently at half-mast, allowing me to easily adjust the privacy on the exposed top half of the window whilst not getting in the way of the handles on the lower half (side note: we then realised the animals we bought this house from had left one handle locked, in the open position, with no key, meaning it shall live forevermore cocked upwards until we can afford to pay a man to fix it – GRRRRR!!)

Bathroom Blind Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own - Blind Cord

In other exciting bathroom news, after months and months of daily searching for a cabinet to fit a very specific gap, that I aesthetically liked the look of, contained both cupboard and drawer storage, and was tall yet not too big to fit inside Serge the Corsa, that was reasonably priced, and within a 50 mile radius of the house (fussy, moi?) I finally unearthed this beauty for the princely sum of £30 off of eBay. I feared it might be too big by about 1mm, but in desperation had already concocted a harebrained scheme to lop a section of it out of one side to make it fit as a last resort, so delighted woops were plentiful when it turned out that it actually fits the space EXACTLY. Well, exactly if you push down heavily on the top and accept that it sticks out a couple of inches further on one side than the other, and is now immovably wedged forever in that spot. But happy times nonetheless.

Now I have a dedicated space for my beloved (colour coded, natch) nail varnishes in the form of this repurposed cake stand (which I can’t get tight enough to stop it going all Leaning Tower of Pisa, hmmm) and I’ve also popped this sweet little basket on top to hold spare loo roll, with the cupboard itself now housing all my spare towels and beauty bits.

Bathroom Blind Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own - Cupboard

Oh, and check out my bog roll holder – not the sort of thing I ever thought I’d get excited about – but ain’t she a beaut? I was planning on forking out proper money for a proper one from a proper shop, until I spotted a super-cool vintage one at a location house I was shooting in recently, and was inspired to look for similar online. This one isn’t actually vintage, but is equally lovely and was just £10 from Holyrood Architectural Salvage on eBay. Can’t get enough of these ickle hands:

Toilet Roll Holder Stylist's Own by Joanna Thornhill

OK, and now for a brief interlude: Dear Reader(s?) – I’d love to know what your house is like: is it a creative, crafty little haven that you’ve decorated with much the same approach as mine, i.e. lots of quick fixes and bargain-tastic touches? I’m working on a super-exciting, top-secret project and I’m looking for properties to shoot for it! They can be anywhere in the UK or even Europe, and they need to be more or less finished spaces (very much unlike mine) and be full of clever styling tricks, Ikea hacks and make-do-and-mending – basically, lovely on a budget. Ideally this is for renters and first-time buyers, but either way if you think your place might fit the bill then do leave me a comment below, or drop me a line at jo (at) joannathornhill .co.uk, and all will be revealed…

{Images: all copyright Joanna Thornhill}


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8 responses to “Diary of a Renovation: Blindtastic in the Bathroom”

  1. secretgardenhome says :

    Hi Jo,

    I love your bathroom. The wall colour is lovely, and I like they grey colour you painted your window frame.

    Would love to take part in your secret project, but my house is still work in progress. Perhaps in 6 months time:)))

    Have a lovely weekend.


    • Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

      Hi Monika – sorry for delayed reply – glad you like the bathroom! Give me a shout when your house is “finished” (are they ever?!) as there may well be other features I’m working on! Will hopefully post the whole room up soon – just need towels and hooks (ignoring the unfinished DIY bits and concentrating on accessories now!)

  2. Chee says :

    Hi Jo,
    Love your colour choice. Would you share the colour code (paint maker and colour name) for your bathroom wall and window trim? They are tasty and classy.

    • Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

      Hello, sorry for the delayed response, I’ve just seen this. The walls are Highland Falls 3 in Endurance durable matt finish (to make it bathroom-friendly) and the woodwork is Quartz Flint 1 in eggshell, both from Dulux TailorMade (the colour-mixing service). Let me know if you try them out yourself!

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