Pull Up a Seat

Darlings of Chelsea Conran Chair by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own Blog1

I have moaned before about my lack of seating in the living room – for a glorious few hours this time last year, I got a loaner-chair as the space featured in a magazine shoot, and I was far too frantic dealing with festive baubles and mince pies to genuinely select and buy myself an armchair in time. (Yes, that’s a Christmas shoot during the August Bank Holiday – that’s how we roll in my biz…)

So the chair was duly returned and my confusion over seating choices remained. It’s a rather awkward space, you see – slightly too tight for a two-seater sofa or even really a love seat (or snuggler, if you will), yet the armchair I’d been loaned seemed rather an under-use of the space. Luckily, my PR chums at Darlings of Chelsea kindly offered me a month-long loan to see if they had something that might work for me, in exchange for popping up a couple of pics on here.

Darlings of Chelsea Sofas and Chairs by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own Blog

As the room has dark grey walls and a light grey sofa already, I was taken with the idea of going for a coloured chair, to add contrast, and pick up on one of the various bright tones in my curtains. Above were a few of my favourites

1. Viola, 2. Duke by Conran, 3. Washington, 4. Rosaline, 5. Titania, all Darlings of Chelsea. 

Still uncertain what size to go for, I thought I’d try a large armchair instead – not quite a loveseat, but more substantial than a small tub. So after much deliberation, this rather special little beauty came to live with us for a while:

Darlings of Chelsea Conran Chair by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own Blog2

Ain’t she lovely? She’s the Matador armchair by Conran (which figures) and her rich, cobalt blue tones looked amazing against said grey walls (and by happy co-incidence, she got on splendidly with my Crush Cube cushion). When the time came to return her, I did quickly dust off the cobwebs on my wallet to see if I could make her a permanent addition, but then sadly the washing machine decided to blow up unannounced so funding had to be channelled that way instead (bore-ing!) However, she shall always hold a special place in my heart, and perhaps one day I’ll get her back into my life – for now, we’re back to using a temporary footstool in place of a chair and hoping that no one over 5’4″ comes to visit…

{Images: Lifestyle shots taken by me; cut-out shots all via Darlings of Chelsea. With thanks again to Darlings of Chelsea for the loan of this chair}


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