Competition: Home for Now Book + Goodie Bag

Competition board Home for Now Joanna Thornhill

As promised earlier in the week, I’m popping back in to talk about a rather exciting little competition I have up my sleeve! At my book launch event, I held an on-the-night competition to win a signed copy of Home for Now, plus a goodie bag dripping with home-for-now inspired bounty, by my fabulous event sponsors. I asked all those who attended (well, I say asked, it was written in the corner but luckily most people seemed to see it!) to write down their best home-for-now, landlord-friendly decorating or styling tip and pin it to my special board. Said special board was, in fact, an old shed door I ‘inherited’ with my house – inspired by the decorative door featured in book contributor Carole Poirot’s London flat (the original image can just be seen stuck to my door in the top left picture – Carole uses hers as a decorative background) I painted mine up and now plan to turn it into a jewellery holder (will share pics if/when I get round to that). But I digress – so for the night, I tied some twine (thanks, REfound objects) around it, wrote up ‘Competition’ with some washi tape (and in my pre-launch excitement initially managed to spell it wrong), and fixed on some mini pegs from Hobbycraft, to provide a sort of real-life Pinterest for guests to pin their answers to. It worked rather well!

So now, I’m turning back to the virtual, and asking, who would like to…

Home for Now prize giveaway by Joanna Thornhill

You do? Well then, here’s the official blurb and details of how to do it!

Competition blog graphic Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill

And below is a little more info on what else you’ll be getting in the goodie bag, with massive thanks to my amazing sponsors Dulux, Rockett St George, Tala, Thornback & Peel, Rose & Grey, Command and Hobbycraft, along with a little write-up of how you could use them to improve your own home-for-now. Competition is open from now until midday Friday 23rd May, so spread the word and send in your entry!

Goodie Bag Bounty Home for Now Joanna Thornhill pt1

Goodie Bag Bounty Home for Now Joanna Thornhill pt2

Goodie Bag Bounty Home for Now Joanna Thornhill pt3

So to surmise:

1. Think up your best home-for-now decorating or styling tip – it can be something you’ve tried yourself, something you’ve seen and would like to have a go at, or even a photograph of a proud achievement from your own home-for-now .

2. Share it – email it to me at jo @ or tweet me @joannathornhill. You could also pop it on my Facebook page, or if it’s a visual, tag me into your Instagram @joannthornhillstylist

3. Excitedly tell your friends about the book whilst waiting to see if you’re the winner…

{Image credits} Top right and left ‘competition board’ board photos by Daniel Nelson and bottom one by Zoe Brewer; WIN! photo by Joanna Thornhill,



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