Garden Mini-Makeover Part One: Tesco Home

Tesco products garden detail as blogged on Stylist's Own by Joanna Thornhill

I thought it high time I talked about something other than my book – the rest of my house has been as neglected as the blog over the past year as I struggled to fit in writing and shooting it along with other work. Luckily, I’m now managing to sneak in some baby-steps towards getting things slightly more ship-shape. My office makeover is currently underway (what was meant to be a two-week job yet is now entering its third month) and I can’t wait to share it once it’s done (mainly as the entire house is in chaos with displacement and I can’t file any paperwork at the moment, which makes me VERY twitchy). And the garden, which was looking so lovely at the end of last Summer, has been left somewhat worse-for-wear after a Winter’s neglect. I’ll come back to share what’s been going on out there later this week, but for now I’m just showing a ‘nice’ bit.

Tesco products garden items as blogged on Stylist's Own by Joanna Thornhill

Y’see, my PR chums at Tesco, having just launched a new Home catalogue, got in touch to see if I’d like to try out a few items from their latest trends range, to see how I could get them to work at home and fit in with my own style. As the house is still in redecorating chaos, I thought testing some outdoor bits would make sense. Especially as I’d been meaning to get a parasol as our little south-facing garden can get really rather uncomfortably hot on sunny days (no, I don’t expect any sympathy for that particular problem…) and who can say no to a bright pink raffia parasol?! So this is how the ‘nice corner’ is currently looking, and I am very much enjoying my newly-sheltered dining spot (not to mention, taking these photos provided an ideal opportunity to purchase and scoff a Battenberg). The catalogue is in stores now so do check it out when you’re next doing a groceries run. More on the remainder of the space to follow!

{Image credits: photography by Joanna Thornhill. Tesco items featured are the Hula parasol, £20, Bright stripe drinks bucket, £15, Round glass lantern in flamingo, £10, Multi brights picnic jug with tumblers, £12 and Dip dye cereal bowls, £12.50 for four, all from their Sherbet Crush range. The table and chairs are my own little vintage numbers.}

{Disclosure: Tesco provided me with these items in exchange for this post, but the choice of items was my own, and I am most happy with them all!}


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