Dwell for a Moment: New High Street Buys

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It’s a sad truth that (in my limited experience), when doing up an old house, pretty much all the budget seems to go on the boring stuff (grout, MDF, ummm windows that don’t allow rain to drip onto your computer when it’s stormy) and the pot is fairly empty when it comes to getting anything pretty. Now, I’m rather lucky in that I do manage to get the odd freebie here and there due to my line of work, be it props leftover from a shoot or goodie bag gifts from a press show, so I can’t exactly complain about a lack of trinkets and baubles (I can actually hear the boyf laughing in my head at the mere thought). But point being, despite the above, it’s somewhat rare for me to go into a shop and just buy stuff for my house which I don’t really need, just cos I kinda like it. With over half the space still to renovate and a LOT more money to be chucked at it, frankly it feels somewhat frivolous. So when Dwell offered me some gift vouchers recently to try out some of their products at home, all entirely my choice, it was a lovely excuse to do just that.

Dwell press image2

I’ve featured Dwell products in editorial photoshoots on various occasions and they’re often amongst the top of my recommendations for friends who are setting up a new home and are after design-led pieces on a low budget. The chairs in the picture up top are a perfect case in point – contemporary with a mid-century lilt, they’re the perfect balance of giving a nod to classic Eames styling, yet different enough not to be considered a replica. Were I in need of chairs, these would be pretty high on the wish list, but right now I’m not, so here’s what I spent my vouchers on instead:

Dwell buys at home by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own blog pt1

Top: Cake stand with dome – I’ve always wanted one of these (and I’m sure it’ll come in handy as a shoot prop on occasion, too) so now seemed like the perfect time to buy. As I don’t exactly need encouragement to buy cake, however, I’m thinking that once the bedroom’s decorated I’ll move it up there to display something-or-other instead. For now, it’s popped on top of my tall dining room cabinet (excuse the actual cabinet, he’s waiting for a makeover) and is housing – what else? – a, um, small vintage ceramic gorilla.

Bottom: I’m a big neon fan (more so since living near the amazing God’s Own Junkyard) but, as much as one day I’d love to commission my own bespoke neon artwork, I think it’s fair to say it won’t be happening anytime soon. So this fab fairground-style arrow light (which sadly seems to have gone out of stock, but here’s a link to the general lighting section in case it comes back) was a very happy compromise. It’s currently sitting on a little side table in the corner of my study. I’d been looking for a light to go in that corner for a while and this one has the added bonus of kicking out a fair bit of heat, too (well that’s not such a bonus right now in the height of Summer, but in a few months I’m sure I’ll be cosying up round this like it’s a log fire in an alpine cabin). I was planning to hang it on the wall but I’ve since noticed a large crack appearing and am now too scared to, so let’s just pretend I intended it to stay here all along.

Dwell buys at home by Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own blog pt2

Top: Magazine bag – this is also in the study (which I will do a proper reveal of soon once I’ve fixed up a blind and finishing-touched it). I’m actually using it to store all the lookbooks, press releases and general post I get sent in, as a sort of holding pen before I then look through them properly and file them away, in an attempt to improve upon my current filing system for such items, which consists of piling them on any available surface until I get overrun and have to stop work for several hours to have a cull.

Bottom: Giant bottle vase – this lovely creature is actually doing a rather special job in the bedroom, hiding a rather unfortunate missing bit of fireplace, which I had to stuff with bubblewrap and cover with a black cloth to minimise the uglyness/draughts. This pretty much hides the whole thing, unless you look *really* hard, and also gives me an excuse to store a Miss Havisham collection of dried (AKA dead) flowers once more, after having to throw loads away in the house move (due to them disintegrating on contact with humans/air).

So there we have it! Some lovely reinvigorated corners. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to pull back and show you the rest of the rooms too, sigh…

{Images: top two images courtesy of Dwell. All other images taken by me.}


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  1. forward features says :

    So jealous of the arrow lights! We’re keeping an eye out for them coming back…

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