So what’s it all about?

About this Blog placecard Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Ever poured through the pages of a magazine and been captivated by something particularly beautiful, quirky or unique, only to read through the credits to discover it’s actually the stylist’s own?

Well sigh at this no longer: as a freelance Interior Stylist and Writer and former Assistant Homes & Craft Editor of Woman’s Weekly magazine, I’m here to lift the lid on where to seek hidden interiors treasure and how to make your own home look photo-shoot ready by way of craftyness and clever styling, rather than just splashing the cash. As well as inspired shopping, top styling tips and DIY “craft hacks”, this is a land in which to share my work (both professional and personal) along with all things scrummy from the worlds of interiors, design, craft and vintage, along with a generous dollop of general loveliness, as discovered throughout the blogosphere and interweb.

Essentially my ‘day job’ involves producing imagery and features for magazines, catalogues, broadcast and events: this not only gives me a sneaky peek into the latest products and designers on the market and what’s going on in the world of interiors, but also gives me access to amazing location spaces, teaches me top styling tips from those at the top of their game, and provides constant inspiration on how to take all of this and translate it into top ways to style both a real home and the things within it.

When it comes to my own home (a recently purchased, rundown, tiny two-bed Victorian terrace in East London that I share with the Boyf), budget and space sadly don’t come close to the size and splendour of many of the wonderful shoot spaces I’m lucky to spend many of my days in. This is where being a stylist comes in rather handy, as I am constantly inspired by clever, crafty and thrifty ideas to organise and beautify every inch of my bijou abode for an equally bijou budget. I hope to share my restoration adventures with you all as I go, in all its unedited glory.

Editorial Policy placecard Joanna Thornhill for Stylist's Own

Stylist’s Own welcomes all submissions you think may fit with the style of this blog (see categories on the right) but first and foremost it is a personal account of my “off-duty” inspirations and musings, as well as a hub for my professional projects. As such, please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to you right away – rest assured, if I think your content is of interest I’ll have filed it away in my Things I Love folder, ready for when inspiration strikes.

Occasionally, Stylist’s Own takes on sponsored posts and collaborative projects (those trinkets and baubles don’t pay for themselves), but only under the strict proviso that the product/brand/service in question is something I feel fits in with my (rather picky) criteria. If I don’t love/want it myself, it ain’t going in.

As a freelance interiors stylist/writer and blogger, I am uniquely poised to offer guest posts, expert quotes or interviews for any interiors-based business, or assist with copywriting for your own blog/website.

To find out more, visit or email me at jo (at)

{Images: top image photographed by Lena Le Guen, bottom image photographed by Malcolm Menzies. Both styled by Joanna Thornhill}


20 responses to “So what’s it all about?”

  1. Lauren says :

    Hello Joanna,

    I LOVE your blog – am in the process of moving flat, so am going to follow you big time! I will check out your mates temptat site too – thank you for the comment.


  2. Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

    Hello, aww shucks thanks for the comment – yours looks great too, always love reading about the musings of fellow design-loving Londoners! I have just written a post about, errr, decorative post-it notes, but fear not there will be many more DIY and ‘how to decorate when you’re not allowed to decorate’ features to follow! x

  3. Chloe Adlington says :

    Hi Jo,

    Just discovered your blog and it’s fab! Are you on Twitter?

    Chloe x

  4. Chloe Adlington says :

    How do I subscribe?!

    • Stylist's Own (by Joanna Thornhill) says :

      Hi Chloe thanks for the comments! Not on twitter at the mo but planning to sign up soon so will let you know once I’m on there. I see you’ve subscribed now – not sure how to put an actual subscription thing on the site but guess you’ve done it via RSS?! Will stop by yours later for a look! Jo x

  5. Emily says :

    Hi Jo,

    I also love your blog – only just come across it whilst doing some research for my current MA project. I look forward to seeing more beautiful and interesting stuff in the future!


  6. Lizzie Mary Cullen says :

    Hi Jo,

    Thank you for a lovely write up!

    Beautiful blog!

    Lizzie x

  7. ali miller says :

    I am a London based artist and would love for you to have a look at my work.
    Please do have a look at my website. – Enjoy!

    My work is in kings cross at Drink shop & do.
    Exhibition Opens 3rd February – 25th March 2011
    Private View: 17th February 7-9pm
    Opening Times: Mon – closed; Tue-Sat – 12-11pm; Sun -12-8pm
    Please pop in if you can.
    many thanks

  8. Duann says :

    Hey there,

    I have some crafty 3D printing news you may be interested in..

    Shoot me an email if you would like to know more?



  9. Paul says :

    Hi Joanna,

    Really impressed with the blog, some great little ideas, for great little spaces! Am just starting flat hunting again, so will keep checking back…


  10. Sefika says :

    Hi Jo,

    Just discovered you on twitter and love your blog! Really impressive and a great read! Thought i might tell you about as you may find some interesting pieces to blog about, so take a look.

    Everything you see is handpicked and sourced and either from a UK designer
    or made in an unusual way!

    Keep up the great work, i shall definitely keep on reading!

  11. Li says :

    Hi Jo,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder about the groundbreaking new Facebook broadcast we are running for Littlewoods next week, at 9pm on Wednesday 13th June. Hosted by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Littlewoods Live will be broadcast exclusively on Facebook (a retail first!) via the Littlewoods Facebook Page (

    During the show Laurence will be conducting ‘Five-minute makeovers’ on a series of rooms including a Romantic Dining Room and an Urban Childs Bedroom, as well as giving away spot prizes, and taking questions from viewers.

    If you’ve haven’t already seen, the event has caused quite a stir online, having been picked up by the likes of Retail Week, Marketing Week and The Drum.

    And lastly, don’t forget that both yourself and your readers can be in with a chance of winning a fantastic £1000 to spend with Littlewoods (competition ends tonight at midnight), simply visit and answer our simple question to be in with a chance!

    We hope that you will join us on the 13th.

    Best regards,


  12. Li says :

    Hi Jo,

    Did you tune in to Littlewoods Live with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen last week? I hope so!

    I just wanted to send you a note to keep you in the loop and share some of the amazing facts and figures from this UK Facebook first.

    First off…, has hailed the launch of its exclusive collection by designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen as the most successful unveiling of a home and living range in its 80-year history!

    More than 4,000 people streamed the one-hour show live. I’m not sure if you noticed but you can’t see most Facebook apps on mobile so we wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to see it and we’re sure glad we did as 22% of viewers were watching the show on their smartphones

    More than 15,000 shoppers ‘liked’ on Facebook either before or during the broadcast so we had a lot to live up to. During the broadcast, we had live phone-ins and instant messaging through Facebook so Laurence could take questions. We received more than 1,000 comments or questions in 1 hour and that’s over and above the 400 that were submitted in advance…people were keen to get a bit of advice from Laurence and see his new collection.

    We saw a lot of comments during the broadcast about people liking the items but we were stunned to find out that in the first week of sales of the LLB collection, which includes furniture, lighting, homewares and flooring, beat the online department store’s previous home and living record by 292%! We’re so thrilled that people tuned in to chat with Laurence and loved the collection enough to want it in their own homes!

    If you missed the show be sure to check out the clips here (you can actually shop directly from the video which is really cool) and don’t forget that Littlewoods have a special Base just for bloggers.


  13. findthedetails says :

    Hi Jo, Love your blog, we are in the same industry (magazines, not sure if our paths have crossed or not!!), I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, and have nominated you for a Liebster Award; you can find out more about it here ( – just too many words to post in this box right now! Hope you like it, take care x

  14. thisweeksbeenabout says :

    Hi Jo,

    Do you do guest posts or posts around a theme? I have some beautiful images of different room set inspirations and am looking to get it published on some blogs and tihnk yours would be a good fit. Here is an image to give you an idea and I’ve got a great story around it. Please let me know if something you’d be interested in.



  15. keefoliver says :

    Hi Jo,

    Love the blog. If you are ever looking for a customised Roberts Radio to feature please have a look at my website.

    Best wishes

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